friday night mayhem

there's a few things on my mind....
            but this one is sticking out.

on friday night, it's a certain someone's birthday.
& we will be having a little cocktail party in her honor. 
it should look a lil something like this. 


{the perfect party dress}

{a fun knotty updo}

{sangria. our fave}

{lots of fun presents}

{a fabulous photo booth}
{some serious bad dancing}
 {and bestie celebrations}

friday you can not come soon enough. 
i am in much need of some bestie time. 
and even better. 
bestie time in cute dresses. 


xxJackie said...

i love you, i miss you and i cant wait to see you.

this totally almost made me cry.

its nearly 3am but Lost doesnt allow me to sleep anymore.

i know i have to catch up a lot before friday bc its going to be the talk of the town.

and ummm are you coming home THURSDAY?! Because I didn't think you were home until FRIDAY so this is like birthday present enough!!


Kimbirdy said...

Hooray!!! There's nothing more fun than a fancy cocktail party with friends! Can't wait to see pictures of your cute dresses!

Carrie said...

this is what we were talking about the other night.


city date soon?

alissa said...

that is absolutely the perfect party dress! adore...