bright skies


im walking forward. 
(maybe not straight forward because i tend to walk crooked)
but im walking forward nonetheless. 

i have had such a good feeling all this week. 
even though it seems that nothing went our way over the past weekend. 
and it always seems as soon as we get our feet on the ground, 
something happens to push us down again. 
but that's life right?
but why sulk? why worry?
we always get back up, right?
we always find the energy and find the means to stand up straight. 

back to my good feeling. 
i wake up with a smile. 
i fall asleep so fulfilled from my day. 
i am excited to go to work. 
and even more excited to come home to my rockstar husband and puppy. 
i know things will be spectacular for us. 
and we will go through some absolutely awful things.....
but we'll go through them together and pick each other back up. 

maybe my fabulous mood can be blamed on the fact that it's march
sooo another month closer to the warmer weather! 

{optimism is just seeping though my skin}


Kimbirdy said...

Yay for optimism! I agree that life brings awful things and these good feelings won't last day after day without some serious pity breaks. But I say embrace the naturally high-on-life moods when they come, like long lost friends. And thanks for sharing it with us! :D

Erin said...

Lovely post. Am all about the optimism (and sometimes I could really use a boost of it, believe me!)

Yay for March! Bring it on, springtime. I'm all yours!