it may be a little late to make some resolutions. 
but i would rather not call them resolutions, 
as those tend to get broken. 
these are more like improvements!

remember when i talked about decluttering my life, here?
well, i did a whole lot of decluttering of my mental being. 
and i must say, it has put me in a fabulous mood. 
well this is more of a cleansing. 
taking better care of myself. taking better care of the people around me. and taking care of my world. 
eating better. taking care of my skin. and my hair. 
recycling more. always use my eco bags. save energy.


taking care of myself. 
i have started using new products for my hair and my face. 
(all natural)
i want to make sure i will be a cougar when im 50. 
i want to turn heads. 
this means no more going to bed with makeup on. 
and washing my face a lot. 
taking really good care of my skin. 
getting my hair cut regularly. 
giving it the treatment it needs. 
i just ordered my bare minerals makeup. 
i already feel better.
i will be one hott grandma.

take care of my world.
i have always been a stellar recycler. 
unfortunately, i have dropped the ball since moving to our new place. 
so i will be going overboard now. 
everything possible will be recycled. 
i won't leave lights on when they're not needed. 
i will unplug things. 
i will make this world a wonderful place for generations to come. 

eat healthy. 
well ive tried this a bagillion times. 
so i will not be making any drastic changes. 
because i want to make this one stick. 
i am such a fruit and veggie girl, 
and yet i never seem to eat enough. 
sooo i have bought plenty for me to eat. 
so my not so good for me snacks will have to be cut down a bit. 
and with this comes.... back to working out. 
atleast 3 times a week. 
i know i will feel great!

these are my hopes for this year. 
to just be an all around wonderful person. 
wish me luck. 
{this is an awful lot to take on for me}


bethandben said...

way to go, kateigh! i just joined a gym a few weeks ago and i WANT to go. i can hardly believe it. yayy for improvements!

Kimbirdy said...

Wow, good for you! Remember it takes about 6 weeks for changes like that to become a habit and start feeling normal, so hang in there (I know how hard it is for me to make these sorts of changes, so I have to remind myself of this often). Exercising daily has recently become a habit for me after many MANY months of struggling. But then it just clicked and now it feels like an addiction. I feel gross if I don't exercise. I also recently starting using products on my face and hair. I figured it's time to start living like a grown up. : )

You can do it! Ra! Ra! Ra!

greystrawberrys said...

Good luck! :) I think you'll start enjoying it after a while <3 your really strong for wanting to make these changes, I'm sure you'll do whatever you set your mind to!