fabulous giveaway

if you don't already follow this lovely lady, 
you must start now. 
she has such heartfelt posts
and her friendship with micaela is something to truly envy. 
this fabulous lady is having her very first giveaway.....
and its lovely!!

the winner will receive this beautiful mug, among other goodies!


the giveaway will be open until march 15th...
so get on over there and put your entry in!



Micaela said...

isn't it the best giveaway? :) from the best etsy! her mugs are really pretty.

awww thank you for the sweet words about our best friendship! she is the best gift blogging ever gave me :)

i can't wait til we all 4 meet up! xoxo

Marisa said...

thanks for the shout out love. I am seriously overwhelmed with how many people have commented so far.

you and your bestie are an inspiration to me... i am often jealous of you two cause you get to live so close to one another. but I am with my M... a 4 way bestie date has to be planned.

ebbee christene. said...

these are such cute mugs! I will definitely be checking out the blog and even the esty shop ... i just adore them!

and thanks for the birthday wishes! That was offly sweet and we all had an amazing time!

greystrawberrys said...

Its a really beautiful giveaway <3

Thank you so much for the award, I know you got one first, but I've nominated you again for it because you are also one of my favourite blogs!! ♥

Hope everything is okay,


Heidi Rose said...

I still would really love to have one of these mugs... :)