my life has been a little boring lately. 
not bad boring. 
because i am happier than ever. 
((especially with all this sunshine))
but nothing exciting to tell. 

weekends have been spent working. 
weekdays have been spent catching up on sleep. 
but i have had some much needed rockstar family time. 
i was almost starting to forget how amazing my little family was. 
i missed them so!

there have been exciting things going on. 
and i was telling you all about it. 
(even tho i wasn't able to check your blogs as frequent as i like)
so i have been reporting to you via iphone. 
to find out when i came on my laptop this morning......
none of my entries were published. 
i havent deserted my blog world. 
but blog press didn't think it was necessary for me to write about my days. 

sooo i am in the midst of trying to get them copy pasted and emailed. 
so i can get them out there. 
nothing crazy exciting,
but my life nonetheless.

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greystrawberrys said...

Hello beautiful <3 There are times like this always, when you're really happy, theres just time you want to spend on other things which are so important. Take your time, theres no rush :) Can't wait to hear about your happenings :D