pieces of me...

you weren't my favorite of months. but i promise to only  think of all the fabulous things you saw me through when i think of you. i promise to only remember all the good times. and forget how awful you may have ended. because let's face it, those good times will ALWAYS outweigh the bad. 

this month....

{i like}  st patricks day is here! lots of green & lots of beer.

{i don't like}  i think of march as spring. but spring weather doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon.

{i want you to know}  i am finally up to season 6 in lost! and im super sad this new addiction will almost be over.

{i've planned}  or i'm trying to plan a fun getaway for me and rockstar husband. hopefully sooner than later.

{i want to say to someone special}  rockstar babies, i've been thinking about you a lot lately. i can't wait to meet you someday. even if that someday won't be in the near future. and i can't wait to experience life with you. and show you all this world has to offer. thank you for being patient while me and daddy get stuff figured out and ready for you to be introduced to our lives. i'll eat you up i love you so.


Kimbirdy said...

Hurry up spring! :) And I'm so happy you've been able to experience the great joy that is lost! oh.so.good!

greystrawberrys said...

I love your sweet posts. :) especially when you talk to your future babies. :D you give me so much inspiration :P Maybe spring it should now be the season of weird weather?

I've just finished season 3 of lost :( :( :(

miss you!

love ♥ Sarah xoxoxox