we turn lemons into lemonade!

the end of february was definitely not the highlight of our month. 
remember that storm i was talking about??
storm is putting it lightly. 
it resulted in over 2 feet of snow, 
days without power, 
cabin fever like crazy, 
and yucky car problems (by everyone i know)

but there was a little sunshine to this weekend. 
with the power being out, 
we all shacked up at my moms 
(who's power was out as well)
and had a fun little family weekend. 
even if it was in the dark. 



{we built a sweet castle}
{don't be fooled. he is not hugging her}

{he's pretending he's the dragon in the castle}

 {my little mini me- we have matching chipmunk cheeks}

and by the time the power came on saturday night, 
we weren't even sick of each other, 
we continued to hang out and i had lots & lots of fun with these crazies. 







Megan said...

Oh wow that looks like a fun weekend, making the most of a bad situation!

JenRem said...

THAT CASTLE IS AMAZING. I want to make one :)