i love you more today than yesterday. and ill love you most tomorrow.

hello world. 
my first year anniversary married to my absolutely wonderful husband. 
is in less than 2 months. 
a year that has flown by....
but felt like a lifetime all at once. 

possibly because we have had quite a year. 
we have seen such awful awful times.
and then we have encountered the greatest of lifes moments together. 
my love for him could never be described in words. 
and our relationship couldn't be understood by the most sophisticated minds.
we are unlike any other couple in the entire world. 
and there isn't one thing i would change. 
(im lying... i wish i could see him more!)

we have recently been going through some things.
(not good not bad, just things)
and its made me see how much more i love him than 10 months ago. 
when i stood across from and declared i couldnt love him more.
i lied. 
because just his smile brings instant tears to my eyes. 
and i realize i am quite possibly the luckiest girl alive.

i love you rockstar husband. 

ps. the last post. that was written by him. 
that will teach me to leave open blogger.


Kimbirdy said...

aw! so sweet!

Rhianne said...

This is lovely, its funny how time flies isnt it?

I love that your hubby wrote a post too :)

greystrawberrys said...

Your so sweet! Beautiful Post <3 xoxox