cant sleep. cant stop smiling.

i lie here. 
wide awake. 
i can't even concentrate with all the thoughts running wild through my head. 
it's been awhile since i've seen such restlessness. 
i thought i had fully cured my case of insomnia. 
but when so much is on my mind. 
sleep seems overrated. 

my not so new job is going fabulous. 
i mean i have my days, but all in all....
this company was a great decision. 
i actually enjoy going to work. 

we moved into a house. 
a real hosue. 
a cute little house. 
the cute little house i had been dreaming of. 
its definitely on the small side. 
but thats just what makes it on the cute side. 
and it is absolutely perfect for me and my little family. 
don't get me wrong i was definitely sad to leave beacon. 
and i am so glad we decided to move there. 
we had a great experience. 
but it was time for new experiences 
& new memories. 

in one week i will have been married for one year. 
most people are excited about this. 
for reasons very different than mine and rockstar husbands. 
this next year is our year. 
as amazing as this one was.....
we have hit every bump possible for 2 kids in love. 
im happy it all happened. 
because it all happened for a reason. 
and we learned from everything. 
and it all brought us closer and closer. 
and made us love harder. 
(harder than we thought possible)
so this next one. 
this next one is OUR year. 
one we will never forget. 
and karma will be on our side this time around. 

annnnnd last but definitely not least. 
i have been working on some amazing things. 
like new blogs, new photo projects, more fun stuff to sell. 
and decorating an entirely new space. 
( cant wait to show all kinds of pics)

so yeah. 
i have lots on my mind. 
more than anything. 
i cant stop smiling. 
thinking how i must be the luckiest girl on the planet. 
cause this life of mine is so close to perfect.


Connie said...

Good to have you back. I'm so happy for you!

Callie said...

I found your blog through Krissa. I was reading through your posts and I have to say, the way you talk about your husband is exactly the way I feel about mine. But the way you say it is so sweet and sincere. Thanks for saying it. :)