let me count the ways

reasons i married my rockstar husband.
(on this friday last year)

1. he has an incredible smile
2. he makes me smile
3. he pretends he's a lobster when im in a bad mood
4. he washes dishes
5. he is so good to my family
6. he is amazing with kids
7. he watches whatever i want to watch always
8. he is an incredible cook
9. he's a super fly dresser
10. he loves fairs almost as much as i do
11. he talks to our puppy like shes a real child
12. he gives ridiculous hugs
13. he plays drums like its no ones business
14. he is the hardest worker i know
15. he really listens to what i say
16. he will wear a tiarra and belt out ashley simpson to make me laugh
17. he has things like ashley simpson on his ipod
18. he knows all my favorite things 
19. he brings me red bull everytime he visits at work
20. he loves me unconditionally with his whole heart

love you benjamin graham. 
with my whole heart. 
you were the best decision of my life.

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Angelique said...

congrats!! I LOVE the sneakers..