6 months in a nutshell.

fast forward:
i'd love to write about every little detail that happened since the day we found out we would be mommy and daddy.
but i don't want to bore you, and id rather just get to the good stuff. 

we were convinced it was a boy. 
that's what the chinese gender chart said. 
and my doctor. 
and everyone in the world. 

then we went for our sonogram. 
and the tech said, 
"well it looks like...... a girl!"
i already picked out a boys name and bought clothes. 
(of course i bought clothes)
we were not expecting that response at all. 

although, neither of us had a preference. 
my heart immediately filled with joy upon hearing those words. 
i guess it would have been the same if we heard its a boy. 
but we didn't. 
and we are so happy. 
(rockstar husband is a little nervous. practicing some intimidation already for the boys)

so i obviously went shopping. 
and this lady has more clothes than i do already!!
but names we are stuck on. 
there are a bunch we like, but haven't been able to pick. 
the latest is between 
haleigh & kyleigh.

ps. i love her more than words already. 
love her more than i ever thought possible to love someone 
i havent really met.

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