remember me?

i know i know. 
it's been a long time. 
a very very long time. 
and to be honest..... so much has happened. 
i don't know why i haven't kept you up. 
i guess work really took over my time for awhile. 
and really, work took over the most important things in my life. 

when i left retail for the first time, that was my favorite thing about it. 
i realized what life was about. 
i realized life was too short to focus solely on work. 
there was so much more out there. 
there was my amazing family and rockstar husband. 
he's another story. he deserves every second of my life. 
i was happy. 
then last july i took on my old familiar role as a store manager. 
aka no time for rockstar husband or friends or family.
or me.
i isolated many. not purposely. 
i convinced myself they needed to understand work was important to me. 
instead i needed to understand that life was important to me. 
they were important to me.

i needed them. 
i needed this outlet. 
so here i am. 
for good!

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kELLO! said...

i hear ya! we all go in slumps because of many reasons. glad you're back! :)