it has been a long journey. 
spent countless hours, days really. no months! 
looking through a ridiculous amount of books, downloading every app, 
& checking out EVERY website possible. 
But we finally did it. 
we decided on a name for this little peanut. 
{one we had pre books, apps, & websites might i add}

sUmmEr jAmiEsOn

so we officially have a name. 
it is such a relief. 
i love calling her by her name
even more so, i love hearing rockstar husband say it. 
its amazing how in love we are already.
i didnt think i could fall any more in love with rockstar husband, 
i proved myself wrong yet again. 
this has been such an amazing journey in our relationship. 
and i know there's so much more in our future. 

Now let's all wish for Summer to get here!! 
{in every sense of the name}

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miaou miaou said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! <3 Have missed you. xox