i love my life.

Summer Ashlee Jamieson is here!
she was born on may 12, 2011.
and i have never been more in love.
she seriously lights up my life.
i guess everyone says that after they have a baby.
and i guess i never tuly understood it until now.
i truly love her.
with every ounce of my heart.

she is the most amazing baby.
absolutely amazing!
and her daddy.
he is the most adorable thing ever.
he is so in love with her.
which in turn makes me so in love with him.
we were lucky enough to have 2 full weeks together with her.
and i have never seen a guy so proud to be a dad.
and he is the best dad.

everything is so surreal
and i still can't believe this is really happening.


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Connie said...

Congratulations, becoming a mum is the best feeling ever. I was wondering when you were going to blog again, kept checking is you had given birth:)