some dreams are slowly (but very quickly) coming true.
i found out last month that i would be getting some office/studio space for my photo business.
this is something that i never really thought was possible.
not just the studio scenario, but the whole photo business thing.
this year, business boomed. and next year looks like it will blow this year away.
i have set a personal goal.
this business will be my full time passion come next spring.
i will give up the secure safe job.
and i am terrified.
i have never been 100% self employed.
i've never even been on unemployment.
i have been working a steady full time job since i was 17.
part time since i was 14.
babysitting since i was 11.
i like working.
i am good at it.
i am motivated and i love to watch things come together.
obviously there are plenty of days i just do not want to go to work.
but for the most part, i like to work.
i am leaving the known and going to places i have never been.
i am turning my back on this "work life" i have created.

more than anything. i have wanted more & more to be at home with my baby.
(who isn't really a baby baby, but she will always be my baby)
so as much as i like to work, i like being a mom 10 times over.

so i have given myself a goal of March 1st.
(a stretch goal of February 1)
both of which may be highly unrealistic.
but i like to work, so here i have something to work for.

and this will be perfect.
i will spend more time with my baby.
and i will spend more time doing what i absolutely LOVE to do.
and i will make money to do all of the above.
(now as long as i make enough money, i will be set)

for now, my studio space will be step one.
i move in january 1st.
and the moment i am in, i will be sharing a thousand and one pictures.
well, wish me luck!

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