new year- 2014!

New Year. New Thoughts. New Ways. 
I guess this is a pretty popular post these days. 
I try not to make "resolutions" per say. 
This year I am experimenting in a project. 
A pay it forward type of adventure.
Each week, i have to do one good deed. 
This is something I already try and do once a day. 
I will be honest with myself and you, it doesn't always happen. 
So this project is one I am holding myself too. 
Not so much just holding doors and smiling. 
(altho these will be regulars)
Something worth writing stories about. 
One post a week capturing each deed. 

I have a lot of big things happening this year. 
Some of which include more community outreach. 
I can't wait to collaborate 2 things that I love to do and are close to my heart. 
I will be launching my photo business full force
while at the same time using it to give back to the community as much as I can. 

This will definitely be a new year for me and my little family. 
I cannot wait to ride out these adventures and see what comes our way. 
I cannot wait to watch Summer grow even bigger and older this year. 

This past year was definitely something special. 
Next year, it will be spectacular. 

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