love life & it will love you back.

I'm 25.
And I have hit the greatest point in my life thusfar.
I remember hearing... Enjoy high school, it's the best time of your life.
Then, don't rush college, they're the best years of your life.
And here I am, old and uneventful, according to the world.
The prime of my life is over. And I'm stuck here in "grown up world."

But stuck is the last word I would use to describe my life at this point.
I have finally figured it out.
I always had an ounce of optimism in everything I did.
But I went through phases of glass half full/ half empty.
I wasn't sure what to make of the world.
Yeah awful things happened everyday.
But it was up to me what to make of those unfortunate occurences.

Here I am.
Married to husband.
{who gives me the same amount of butterflies today as he did day one. actually, more!}
Adopted a puppy.
{her name is zoey. and i love her more than most people love their kids}
Best friends monopolize my life.
{i know what they say. fewer that you can count on is better. how about more you can count on?}
My fam makes the Brady Bunch look normal.
{they encourage, inspire, and love}

You all know the amount these people influence my life based on previous posts.
This post is more about me.
My thoughts. My outlook. My happiness.
I basically woke up one morning and knew it's all me.
My every happiness/sadness is based on me.
I can choose to take life and sulk and complain about my misfortunes.
Or I can live life and embrace every amazing moment as it comes.
I chose the latter.
"Everything happens for a reason"
The bad, the good, the fabulous, the ugly.
Everyday we are forced to make decisions.
They either end well or they don't .
Either way we made that decision.
So why not make the decision to just be happy.
No matter what we're dealt, it's easier to just be happy.
"What comes around, goes around"
and negative people will eventually get what they actually deserve.

Waking up every morning with this new idea of my life.....
I haven't had a bad day since.
Yeah, some are better than others.
But they all end with. I'm alive and I have people who love me.

I guess who could really complain with this schedule......
Wake up. Lunch with my soul (jacpfef) @ the infamous Popp'y. Crafts and Decorating. Cuddle time with puppy.Dinner with the love of my life. Work in which I spend my time emailing and blogging.

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