fabulous fridays

i have quite the exciting day ahead of me.
i will traveling 3-4 hours with my best friend of a brother.
(4 hours of nonstop heart to hearts.... mmm my fave!)
and when we reach our destination,
we will be getting ready to celebrate
mEg's wedding!
im so excited.
for one, weddings are my favorite thing ever. 
i love watching 2 people fall in love.
and theres no better way to see that then watch them on their wedding day.
and another, i will see bestie today after not seeing her bubbly self for 2 whole days!
and if you know jac &  me. 
this is not something we like to do often.
but she had bridesmaid duties.
so today, i get to see her. and she will get the biggest hug she has ever received.

there's just one very important thing missing.
rockstar husband will not be coming with.
because of his yucky work schedule, he misses out on the funnest of moments.
& i hate this.
hopefully one day soon, his photo career will take off.
and then he will be right next to me through every event. 
for now, i will spend my day secretly missing the heck out of him!

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xxJackie said...

Can't wait to see you both!! And boooo to Ben's work schedule!