stuck forever

this boy changed my life.
& some days.... he's all i think about.
ok ok all days.
even though he's just at work,
i miss him dearly.


we wear matching sneakers.
we have matching thoughts.
and we wear matching hearts.
they beat as one.

this is the fairy tale every girl dreams of.

the happily ever after.
 each day we fall more in love.
and each day my life gets more amazing.


Micaela said...

sweetest thing EVER- you and your matching converse.

your perfect match.

i dream to always feel this way about my one-day husband.

*donna* said...

i love your wedding photo - so adorable.
and such a cute blog :0)
i look forward to reading more!

kateigh said...

he is my perfect match and i really hope you get to feel how i do for your one-day husband. and being as amazing as you are, im sure this will not be difficult.

thank you so much donna for stopping by. i love new friends and im so glad you found my blog! (i love keeping up with yours!)

xxJackie said...

Oh gosh I just love you both so much and that first photo melts my heart into a big pile of mush.

Carrie said...

You two are the sweetest!

JMay said...

So cute!

Carmella said...

the shoes!
oh, the shoes are too amazing!!

Jenni said...

Oh you are so cute. Just reading through your blog makes me all happy and jolly and full of love. You are a lovely person and I adore this corner of the world you've created :)