this girl.....

comes home tonite. is driving home as we speak.
a week away from each other is no longer allowed.
i miss her dearly.
i might tackle her when i see her tomorrow morning.
we have a breakfast date.
i haven't worn my converse since she's been gone.
this just don't fit the same without her here.


xxJackie said...

Currently sitting at gas station trying to sort out said mess. This is just what I needed. You are just what I needed.

Love you & see you so soon!

Jenni said...

Awwww... you two are way too cute. I love your friendship. :) Have a super weekend lady!

chelsea rebecca said...

aw you girls are too cute!
have fun at the BREAKFAST REUNION!

MaryBeth Hughes said...

cute pics! makes me miss my girlies. :( have a great weekend!

Micaela said...

i am seriously in love with you two girls' best friendship. SO adorable.

happy homecoming to you both :)


Kimbirdy said...

What fun photos! I miss my bestest friend so much! You are two lucky girls.