book swappy

i have been soooo excited to write this post. 
the finale of the first book swap!

remember that giveaway for all you who reposted??
{thank you thank you thank you}
this pretty girl will be receiveing a fun surprise from me!


the pretty sarah from greystrawberrys
expect some fun stuff in the mailbox within the next week!

i heard such good things from so many people. 
loving their new books!

i will be posting this weekend about my trip to the children's shelter. 
{a super big thank you to all of you who sent me books}
you also should keep a lookout in your mailbox!

 i received my book from the oh so talented diana (like the camera)

more photos to come!

thank you so very much for all of you who participated and made my first swap a success!
i hope you all play along again in march!
{theres never too much to read}


Farah said...

Hi there,
did you receive my mail about the book swap? Let me know soon yeah. xoxo

greystrawberrys said...

THANK YOUU <3 <3 <3 <3 ♥

This is my first giveaway win! It feels amazing! :] :] I miss your posts so much! I hope everything is okay! (and you had a nice time on your anniversary)


Megan said...

The bookswap was great, thanks so much for organising it!

Elizabeth Denise said...

i'm bummed i haven't received a book:(

Moose said...

Thanks for putting this together...my mom is reading her book aloud to me!!!
WOOF & tail wags to all,

Kimbirdy said...

This was such a fun swap to be a part of! Thanks for doing this and for planning another one! Yippee!

kateigh said...

youre welcome!

farah- i havent received anything. sorry!

elizabeth- i will contact your partner and see whats up. im so sorry!