top FIVE tuesdays {lost characters}

sorry top fives have been mia for a couple weeks. 
but here we are. 
and as i start to watch season 5, 
i thought what better of a top 5 than all my faves from this life addicting show. 
here goes:

one. john locke
two. ben
three. hurley
four.  sawyer
five.  desmond

there are more ofcourse. because frankly i love them all.
with the exception of a couple. 
and since dan just showed up for me, i thought it was too soon for him to be in the top five, 
but he may creep up there.


Micaela said...

I am a Desmond girl.

If i was stranded on a beach, i would want sawyer there just to you know, have cage scenes with ;) but hurley! i would pray to have a hurley to keep me positive. :)

john... oh john. bless him.


Kimbirdy said...

Oh desmond!... how I hope you come back this season! :)

Erin said...

I love Desmond. Every time he calls someone "brotha" it makes me smile.

And Sawyer? He is my soulmate! We could read books together and gaze into each other's eyes (oh! his gorgeous eyes!) and then get cozy together in his tent...

Just wait for season 6! MIND BLOWING!

greystrawberrys said...

charlie :(