where are you spring?

for weeks, we have watched as the south was hit with "snowmageddon"
all those states who made us envious of their hot climates and non snowy atmospheres.
well, we laughed as they were hit with snow storm upon snow storm. 
thinking. finally. its not us this time. 
i guess i laughed too hard. 
because here i am. stranded in my apartment. 

and i am wishing and hoping that my job decides i dont need to come in. 
because i am not a friend of the snow. 
i can not drive in snow. 
(you would think i was from one of those states that never saw it)

so as i sit and snuggle with my puppy.
i cant help but to think of warm weather. 
sunny beaches, little dresses, and walks in the park with my puppy. 
excuse me while i day dream the day away. 


JenRem said...

I hate snow. End of story.
Want to move somewhere where it never snows? I'll do it!

kateigh said...

ill start packing now!


Teresa said...

ah. the snow can be a pain. i really like your picture though. it's a proper winter wonderland!

Sarah C said...

if you find spring, will you send it my way?? i'm pretty tired of all this wintery white stuff!

Heidi Rose said...

Think of the opportunities this presents! Making a safe haven inside a treacherous land! Taking awesome photos of you drinking hot beverages while laughing at the snow!

I recently became a follower :)

Marisa said...

i want to lay on the grass and look up and see that last picture...pretty please.

Annie Cristina said...

I've never seen snow. I'm a weakling when it comes to the cold, living in Miami as I do. The coldest I've ever experienced? Maybe 29 degrees. I just about died, of course. :p

Farah said...

Hey Kateigh, I was wondering if you got my email about the book swap. I still havent heard anything from my swap partner and havent gotten anything either.

Please respond soon.

thank you.

Moose said...

Get outside with that puppy & enjoy the snow.... Tail Wags to All.