summer's big break

since this chic was just an itty bitty
family, friends and complete strangers  have been telling me to get her into modeling.
obviously everyone thinks their child is superstar worthy
(as they should)
but it's a pretty amazing feeling to hear others say the same.

that being said,
i was completely against it.
i wanted nothing to do with child modeling.
i had nightmares of toddlers & tiaras and dance moms in my head.
i would not be that mom, and she would not be that girl.

and now after sleepless nights
and countless talks with rockstar husband.
we have decided to give this a go.
(college isn't getting any cheaper, ya know?)
so i sent pictures out to a few different agencies,
and i heard back from 2 of them within 24 hours!
i was shocked.
so i had to meet with them.
i took summer into the city on saturday to meet with the first.

we ran late and almost missed the train.
((running with a toddler and diaper bag and heavy camera is quite the workout))
it was a little bit of a hectic trip,
but then we were there
(and a super crazy thing happened when we first got to the city, but a story for another time)
and like all the crazy moms on those reality shows,
i sat there with knots in my stomach nervous for what was to come.
nervous they would tell me she wasn't what they were looking for.
and i imagined standing up and verbally abusing every agent in there.
and even worse,
nervous they would want her.
then what?
then she would be a model and there was no turning back.

a little background.
summer is pretty advanced for her age
she communicates and speaks like a 5-6 yr old
it's actually pretty incredible.
but she is, also, terribly shy around new people.
like stuck to my leg, head buried kind of shy.
so i thought well they will see her and might think she is cute,
but it will probably be an issue when she won't look at them long enough to even snap a picture.

then we get to our appt.
there are 10 other aspiring models and actors waiting in the room with us.
and here my little introvert climbs out of her shell.
she is singing and talking to everyone.
using her big words and sophisticated sentences.
and all i could think was,
where is my child???
i mean this is what i'm used to when it's just the family,
but not in this atmosphere.
and there i sat thinking,
yeah we got this in the bag.
we get to the room to take the polaroids.........
and the agent is reading her application with the most disappointed face.
summer is too young for their agency.
my heart sank,
and i guessed- so did the agent's.
she assured me we would get a call before her 3rd birthday to come back.
and then assured me, there would be no way she wouldn't be signed with another agency by then.
good news, i suppose.

it was a great day though.
any day spent with this lady.....
is nothing short of amazing.

good news of the day,
the second agency is working on a GAP kids campaign
and the same day i sent her pictures in,
was their deadline.
so without even meeting us they sent her pictures to them.
and we meet with them this week.
everything happens for a reason, right?


Jackie said...

Good luck, Summer!
And welcome back, Katie :)

kateigh said...

Thank you. Felt a little lost without it, believe it or not.